Community Home for the Terminally Ill in Saratoga County

11863365_10153506584044738_3860672130511929109_nHow can a person become a resident of Gateway House?

Anyone under Hospice care is eligible for residence at Gateway House. Referrals come from Hospice organizations, health care agencies, hospitals, physicians, social workers, family and friends.

What does under Hospice care mean?

A person must be under the care of The Community Hospice of Saratoga to reside at Gateway House. If not yet under Hospice care, Saratoga county residents need to contact The Community Hospice or Saratoga to determine eligibility. Non-Saratoga County residents need to contact the Hospice organization serving your local community for eligibility and have that Hospice organization transfer you to The Community Hospice of Saratoga.

How long can I stay at Gateway House?

One must have a medical diagnosis of 3 month or less to live to reside at Gateway House. Occasionally a residents medical condition improves making a transfer to a more appropriate long term facility necessary. Gateway House would collaborate with The Community Hospice of Saratoga to assist the resident with the transfer.

What does it cost to stay at Gateway House?

The services of Gateway House of Peace are not charged to the families we serve. The considerable costs are paid for solely by fundraisers, community donations and bequeaths. Gateway House does not receive any State or Federal funding nor insurance company reimbursements. Gateway House is a separate organization from The Community Hospice of Saratoga. The Community Hospice of Saratoga provides medications, medical related services and medical supplies.

How is Gateway House staffed?

The house is staffed 24/7 by a combination of skilled dedicated volunteers and paid staff. To qualify, all volunteers and paid staff members also must undergo extensive background checks.

Can I smoke?

Smoking is not permitted on the premises. There are other alternatives such as the nicotine patch.

What are the visiting hours?

There are no set visiting hours. Family and friends are welcome to visit anytime 24/7. For the safety of our residents and staff our doors are locked after dark and we just ask that you call before visiting during this time.

Is this a religious organization?

Gateway House recognizes that each person is a spiritual being who needs a connection to others and to find meaning in his/her experience. We are not affiliated with any religious denomination. We encourage the exploration and expression of your personal faith traditions and we do not discriminate on the basis of your religion, sex, race, or family orientation.